When You Just Can’t Get Enough of Chocolate

Tadelle has been a part of the consumer’s lives since 1980’s, gained the hearts of the consumers of all generations, and shouldered its solid legacy to success and became one of the most iconic brands of Turkey with its red package.

Combining 34% hazelnut and its intense chocolate taste, Tadelle has become one of the inseparable choices of the consumers in daily life.

Tadelle’s second-to-none taste is based on the fact that the hazelnuts selected by the experts are roasted with a special roasting technique without losing their aroma, flavor and nutritional value, and they are brought together with chocolate with a unique taste.

A 100% legitimate chocolate, Tadelle does not contain trans fat, glucose and fructose syrup. Our chocolates are produced using only sugar obtained from sugar beet and natural vanilla, and are offered to chocolate lovers. Combining the nutrients and energy of the hazelnut, chocolate and cacao, Tadelle is the choice of chocolate maniacs at any time of the day. Tadelle appeals to different tastes with its classic, dark, white chocolate and sugar-free varieties as well as its wafers.

With its strong brand awareness in the chocolate industry thanks to its years of experiences, Tadelle tailgates the technology, abides by its vision and sticks to its quality standards and is rapidly advancing to carry its success in the chocolate industry in Turkey to the world with its products and high quality service understanding.

Tadelle, the choice of those who never get enough of chocolate, continues its operations at full speed under the roof of the Sagra Group, by transferring to OYAK Group, one of the well-established companies of Turkey, together with Sarelle, Sagra and Gol brands as of 2021.

Tadelle’s story, which appeals to the heart of Turkey, will grow and relish with future generations.